New Beginnings

This is a note to our friends and family to express our gratitude for your support and love!

As many of you know, shortly after our move to Mexico in 2006, we opened a Bed & Breakfast to have something to keep us active and busy. However, I soon felt the need to return to something more productive and we quickly began to investigate the latest technologies in Web & Architectural design which had been a part of my life for so many years.

In short order, I began to develop websites for friends and family, and formed a small business under the domain. Most of my early projects were done free of charge in order to back into a groove. This was an important first step, because regardless of what I planned to do, having a top-quality website was a prerequisite to my making the next move.  

I also owned licenses for a variety of architecturally-related software applications, and decided I would get back to what I loved doing most. In short order I managed to do a couple of pro-bono  projects and quickly found a couple of exciting new tools (Vray, Lumion3D etc.,) were now available that would be of great value to Architects, Contractors, Designers etc., in presenting their projects to potential customers. Shortly after, Architect's Friend Outsourcing Services was born.

And the rest is, as they say, history! Helene & I are looking forward to seeing you again in Canada in August. We'll keep in touch...

Chris & Helene