Our Unique Trial Offer!

We are so confident in our ability to produce outstanding results quickly, we invite to put us to the test. There are no hidden tricks or ‘gotchas’ behind this offer. We simply want to earn your trust by demonstrating we are well qualified to do the job! 

Send us the floor drawings and side elevations of the Main Floor of one of your projects by completing your information on the form below, and we will respond with a target demo date and time (your local time). (to limit the scope of work, please limit it to residences or buildings with 6 rooms or less).

Once we initiate the conversion process, we will;

  • re-create the CAD proprietary water-marked drawings of the building with floor and side elevations;
  • select a temporary background and apply arbitrary interior furnishings of one of the rooms for the 3D renderings;
  • generate photo-quality renderings of the residence;
  • invite you to a real-time webinar to show you the results;
  • on the requested demo date and time, we will initiate the webinar (note: the webinar is web-based, so there is no need to download special software on your end); 
  • during the webinar we will present the CAD drawings and walk you through a variety of 3D high-resolution rendering views in real-time,
  • make a couple of changes to the floor plan design and re-create the 3D renderings to show the result in high definition.
  • apply some interior furnishings, materials and backgrounds adjustments with you during the webinar,
  • send you the .dwg file for you to view and print locally
  • send you the .pln file for you to generate 3D views with you staff.

If you are completely satisfied with the results, then at your convenience, give us a chance to earn you business on a real project.

Just fill in the form below and we'll get started! 

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