Kitchen Designs

All Projects were designed & rendered by Chris Pavey

the design process

All projects shown here followed the same basic procedure. After receiving the Architect's floor plans & elevations via email, they were recreated in Chief Architect and the layout was designed that in our opinion, best suited the area for  that house. Materials were assigned and all fixtures like stoves, ovens, carpets, lighting were applied.

Once the design was completed & rendered, a webinar was scheduled to review the project. Input from our customers are then applied (usually right there in the webinar) and photos on the surrounding landscape are sent to us.

Manufacturer's catalog information for furniture & fixtures is downloaded to make sure everything looks exactly like the finished kitchen before the project is even sold to the customer.

The entire process from the time the blueprints are received until the new plans & renderings are sent to the Customer will typically take about 4-5 days.


Dalhousey Project 

Render Final.jpg
Render 11 Root 2.jpg