Our Advantages

To our knowledge, we are the only outsourcing service that uses both AutoCAD© and Chief Architect™ drafting and design applications. Why is this important to you?

Dollars saved.jpg

Simply put ... by using state-of-the-art technology like Chief Architect™, we can achieve the same degree of quality and accuracy but dramatically reduce the time required to produce the same result. 

This means much lower costs than our competitors!

This is especially true when 3D renderings are required. Chief Architect allows the draftsman to make changes to the 2D drawing and view the 3D high resolution results in real-time! 

In addition to saving time, we can set up an interactive webinar and make changes to the plan and show you the 3D results simultaneously. This collaborative approach helps you see the results of design changes before we send you the DWG output.

Last, but not least, we can send you the plan in Chief Architect file format (.pln) and you can use the Chief Architect viewer (downloadable from their web site at no cost to you) to view 3D renderings and do walkthroughs in front of your client!

Just have a look at out sample Virtual Walkthrough here or visit our Interior or Landscaping Exterior Portfolios to get an idea of just how quickly you can impress your customers!

Good luck and enjoy! 

Other advantages are: 

  • You don't pay for our services until you can verify the results. No Risk to you!
  • Experience of working with clients in US, Europe and Latin America on an ongoing basis
  • Our simple and transparent approach which attempts to make your satisfaction our highest priority
  • Our belief in honesty, trustworthiness and desire for a long term relationship
  • Ability to quickly understand your needs
  • Flexible project cost options - Fixed price OR hourly price
  • Completion of project within given time frame and budget

Mexico's Advantages :

  • Pool of computer literate and English and Spanish speaking professionals
  • Well recognized Information Technology skills
  • Better English pronunciation than in Pakistan, India 
  • Wide gap between personnel costs in Mexico and developed countries
  • Oaxaca is located in the U.S. Central Time zone. As such we are more accessible than other offshore service providers. 
  • Strong government support for such activities
  • Excellent training infrastructure