Thank you for allowing us to be your Outsourcing Service Provider!

Placing an order follows these simple steps:

A)     Placing the Quote/Order Request

Fill out the Work Order Request Form shown here;
Upload any .dwg, .pdf or image file(s) that are needed;
Press the 'Submit' button to place the order.

B)     Acknowledgement of the Scope & Pricing

You will automatically receive an acknowledgement from us confirming receipt of the Request for Quotation or Work Order.
After evaluating your requirements, we will email you a quotation and Project Scope Document outlining  exactly what we will deliver together with the Terms and Conditions Agreement included for your approval and signature.
You reply to our quote to confirm acceptance of the Pricing and attach the signed Terms & Conditions Agreement and Project Scope Document.

C)     Project Implementation 

During Implementation we will keep in touch when needed to make sure the results we provide meet your expectations.
Once we have completed the Work Order, we will initiate a webinar that will allow you to view the results to your complete satisfaction.

During this period the Project Plans will be watermarked and have our Logos and Contact information.
Once you are satisfied with the work, we will send you an Invoice and ask that you pay by clicking on the PayPal link shown here below.

As soon as payment has been confirmed by PayPal, we will send an email acknowledging your payment and deliver all final drawings, renderings etc., by email of registered mail as promised. All watermarks and Corporate logos will be removed in our final shipment.

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