Walkthroughs - the meat & potatoes or our business!

Walkthroughs are absolutely the best ways to close business! Until recently, Architects and Designers resorted to a variety of fairly complex tools to generate high-quality, photo-realistic renderings in order to give their customers an idea of the final product. Now the paradigm has shifted significantly where with tools like Google Earth Pro© which give us fairly accurate landscaping profiles; Sketchup Pro© for creating sophisticated models and Google 3D Warehouse to download millions of Manufacturer's Furniture models all help us accurately present a complete picture for the customer.

However, the advent of incredibly powerful tools like Lumion3D© have forever changed our profession because they not only render to 1080p quality but allow you and your prospects  to walk around their property and inside their home to get a very realistic view of the project. Here they can meticulously look at all the details like fixtures and furniture as well as get an accurate view of dimensions and general feel for space and the environment of their new home.

In competitive situations, these quality renderings and walkthroughs will make you stand out from the rest!

At present, we are in the process of moving over to this outstanding product so we'll continue to add samples of some of our projects as we go along. Stay tuned! As each project has been migrated to Lumion3D©, we will post the details on our Blog!


medical Clinic - OAXACA MEXICO



Villa le tignet

This Medical Center was designed by Architects Friend exclusively and is now under construction in a suburb of Oaxaca.

The main floor contains a full functioning walk-in clinic and reception area with operating room and three medical offices.

The 2nd floor was designed for out-of-town guests attending the clinic during  their treatment in Oaxaca.



This renovation project has a river through the house and is located in a beautiful wooded area near Harwood Falls, USA.

The landscaping was designed and implemented by Architectsfriend.com and is one of the most beautiful we have ever had the privilege to develop and affords spectacular views of forests, wooded camping areas and wildlife like deer, ducks and birds of all kinds.

Enjoy the visit!


This beautiful cottage was designed from scratch and has all the amenities including a fully equipped Theater Room, Wine Tasting area on the lower floor, fireplaces throughout with 5 private balconies and a whole bunch more...

The roofing and quality truss supports are handcrafted throughout to give it the craftsman's touch!

Our landscaping focus was immediately surrounding the lakeside property down to the wharf but did not include landscaping surround te lake's perimeter.



Both the Villa's architectural design and property landscaping were designed by Architectsfriend.com from scratch. This Villa located near the village of Le Tignet on 10 hectares of beautiful terrain nestled among forests is surround by a beautiful wall and includes special parking facilities, a full size tennis court and swimming pool.

We hope you'll enjoy the Tour!